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Thank  you  for  your  interest  in  Carolina  College  Consulting!  Embarking  on  the  college  journey  is  exciting  and  can  be  tricky  to  navigate.  As  a  trained  professional  my  primary  goal  is  to  make  this  next  chapter  easier  by  equipping  you  and  your  child  with  the  necessary  skills  and  game  plan  for  college  preparedness.  Services  can  be  purchased  as  consultative  at  an  hourly  rate  or  as  a  packaged  bundle  to  be  more  cost  effective.  The  packages  are  designed  for  typical  needs  during  each  year  of  high school. 

All  sessions  can  be  in  person  or  virtual  via  Zoom  depending  on  your  preference/comfort  level.  Payment  is  due  at  the  time  services  are  rendered.  These  fees  are  non  refundable;  it  is  the  responsibility  of  the  family  to  make  arrangements  for how the time will be used.

In some cases, such as editing, this will be non-meeting time. 

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All prospective families begin with a one-hour consultation where we learn about your needs and  discuss how our services can best meet those needs.  Additional hourly consultation services are available to  provide individualized, responsive information and  support to students & families. 

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Purchase a 4-hour block of time to be used for any college  service that you need. Payment is required up front. Each session is one hour. Additional blocks of time can be  purchased as needed. View Discover, Navigate & Explore  packages to select the ad hoc service needed. 

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• (3) 50 minute sessions

• Course selection &  academic advising

• Extracurricular activity  audit & planning

• Resume template  building & planning

• Researching relevant  summer programs

• Developing standardized  test-taking plan

• College planning process  startup guidelines

• Ideal for 9th & 10th  graders


• (14)  50 minute sessions

• College exploration

• Best fit college list

• Explore college majors

• Best fit major options

• College visit preparation

• College engagement coaching

• College application timeline  planning

• Essay planning & feedback

• Self-marketing coaching

• Showcasing strategies

• Ideal for student beginning college planning services in 11th grade

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• (8)  50 minute sessions

• 2 hours editing support

•  Common App Account set up

• Application support

• Deadline tracking

• Scholarship research

• Scholarship application support

• Resume revision

• Perfecting essay(s)

• Optimizing recommenders

• Recommendation coaching

• Interview prep & practice

• Financial Aid Education

• Admission-decision comparison

• Ideal for 12th  graders

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